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Binance Android App Records Conversations


Binance Android app containing spyware – Twitter users have expressed concern.

This emerged from reports that the TikTok social video platform contains spyware created by the Chinese government.

     Binance Android app

According to @ShitcoinSherpa, who posted a screenshot of the publisher’s certificate, the permissions requested by Binance in his Android app include access to the camera, and the ability to record sound.

Binance’s chief security officer commented on the situation:

The camera is used during the KYC procedure. The code developed inside the Binance application does not use a microphone. We have a third-party SDK that requests this permission. This is again used during the KYC process. Third-Party Supplier – Megvii. The option is used during KYC to scan ID. Now we are trying to determine if we can get rid of this function. However, Megvii may be using background noise to detect fraud. We will provide details when we receive a reply from Megvii.

But @ShitcoinSherpa didn’t like this answer:

I do not claim that this is “spyware”, but the requested permissions are not needed to run the exchange application. Permission to access the camera and audio is also not related to trading. Previous versions have been flagged as malicious. Regardless of whether there were false positives or not (as with ESET), these versions included unnecessary access levels.

An employee who works in the malware lab and wants to remain anonymous noted that “applications often request more permissions than necessary. However, this is not necessarily a sign of criminal activity, users simply do not need to give permission.”

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