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Top Reasons Why You Should Opt for Monacoin


Monacoin: Top Reasons Why You Should Opt for!

Monacoin is something that you hear very often and has made many curious. If you are one of those, then you are in the right place to get all the necessary information about it. Monacoin has changed the world of cryptocurrency completely in Japan. It has become largely popular among users and is also used for transactions and day-to-day payments. In present times, the value of monacoin is $1.36, and the trading volume is around $2,191,631, which shows its rising demand and usage. Moreover, its high performance and better security have made it overwhelmingly acceptable and increasingly used.

Monacoin was launched in 2013 as Japan’s very first cryptocurrency and is considered as a Litecoin hard fork outcome. Mr Watanbe created it as a native asset for the hash-finding game, and this way, the cryptocurrency had a playful beginning, but soon, it became popular among many Japanese users. Now the popularity of mona coin mining has also grown immensely across the globe.

What are the technical specifications of monacoin?

Monacoin has a total token supply of 105,120,000 tokens, and the generation of new blocks happens every 1.5 minutes. During the writing time, the reward for monacoin mining specialized users or miners who create blocks get 25 MONA. With the algorithm named Dak Gravity Wave or V3, the rewards are actually halved every three years, which makes the cryptocurrency more valuable and scarcer. The cryptocurrency uses an algorithm called Lyra2Rev2 for PoW or proof-of-work consensus mechanism. By this, it resists ASIC-based mining hardware. This adds greater security and eliminates the risk of centralization power.

Monacoin uses SegWit or Segregated Witness and becomes the first to use it. Even Litecoin and Bitcoin use the technology. It allows more transactions per block and increases its speed while ensuring faster settlement of transactions.

Benefits of Monacoin:

a) Higher security and simplicity:

For making payment. One does not require to show anything else in the monacoin wallet except the amount of transfer. Very rare cyber-attacks reports are there about cryptocurrency.

b) User recognition:

Monacoin cryptocurrency is quite popular, and people visit the monacoin website to know a lot about it. By using the mona coin calculator, users get information about its price for conversion. However, many stores accept these currencies as consider them as payment.

c) Higher performance:

The cryptocurrency transaction happens without delay. So, it is best to go for mining and get the idea of the price through monacoin mining calculator. Segwit protocol and monacoin blockchain enhance its performance. As a result, the mona coin pool has also strengthened.

d) Transparency:

There is no fraud or black scheme in the project. It is a user-friendly digital currency and has a larger community. Monacoin white paper is also there to get an insight into the challenges and the proposed solution.

How to purchase Monacoin in India?

One should know the monacoin price prediction before going for a trustworthy mona coin exchange to buy it. People must also know the value of the monacoin price in INR, which is currently 102.08 rupees. You can see the chart of Mona coin price to have a better idea. After having all the proper knowledge, you can make decisions about investments. By monacoin mining pool, you can earn rewards equally and calculate the monacoin price. With the help of an excellent exchange, you can easily purchase, trade or sell monacoin.


After knowing all the above information, you need to choose the right platform for getting optimum advantages. Monacoin where to buy is a question that many people have.

You can go for the BitXmi cryptocurrency exchange platform that is highly secure and can do transactions at lightning speed. Faster KYC and efficient design make it a perfect platform to opt for.

But do you feel Bitcoin safer than Monacoin?

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