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MicroStrategy bought bitcoins for another $ 177 million

MicroStrategy bought bitcoins on news.bitxmi

MicroStrategy bought bitcoins for another $ 177 million

The value of the cryptocurrency owned by the software maker is close to $ 3 billion.

The public company MicroStrategy announced the purchase of 3.9 thousand bitcoins for about $ 177 million. The transaction was carried out at an average cryptocurrency price of $ 45.2 thousand. Now the software manufacturer holds a total of 108.9 thousand BTC for $ 2.9 billion., while the market capitalization of the company is $ 7 billion. The average purchase price for MicroStrategy is $ 26.7 thousand per bitcoin.

MicroStrategy is the largest Bitcoin holder among public companies, according to Bitcoin Treasuries. Tesla is in second place in this indicator, which owns 43.2 thousand bitcoins worth $ 2.1 billion. The third line is occupied by Square with 8 thousand BTC with a total value of $ 396 million.

In mid-June, MicroStrategy completed a $ 500 million bond placement. These funds were raised to buy cryptocurrency. The company also announced that it could sell its own shares worth up to $ 1 billion for additional investments in bitcoin.

The head of the company, Michael Saylor, is an active supporter of the first cryptocurrency. He said that bitcoin will become the main store of value for the 21st century, and called the tightening of regulation of mining and crypto trading in China a trillion-dollar mistake.

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