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John McAfee Leaves the Ghost Project


Entrepreneur John McAfee has announced that he is leaving the Ghost project.

As a reason, he cited the inability of the current leadership to lead him to success.

“I am leaving the $ Ghost project. Leadership fails to lead him to success. There is no doubt that he will fail. I tried to explain to them the fundamental principles of management, but no one heard me. I apologize to those I misled.” – wrote McAfee.

Interestingly, just a week ago McAfee wrote that he “worked his whole life to reach the point where you can create an ecosystem as powerful and innovative as the Ghost Exchange, the Ghost coin and the Ghost phone … GHOST is the future.”

It looks like the team’s hard fork was not very friendly. McAfee called one of the team leaders “an idiot.” The team, in turn, dubbed him “a bum.” The eccentric founder of the project flared up and decided to remove a couple of Ghost-related tattoos.

Following McAfee’s announcement, the price of the Ghost token (GHOST) dropped by 50%. The decline in prices was exacerbated by the recession that began in late July. In total, GHOST has dropped 71% over the past 30 days.

Ghost Project Launch History

Ghost Project

The antivirus creator McAfee announced the launch of the GHOST coin focused on increased user privacy in April this year.

Later, the developers of the PIVX project stated that McAfee copied 20 of the 26 pages of their white paper. McAfee did not deny this but threatened to sue PIVX because the project is open source.

In June, McAfee announced the launch of the GHOST decentralized exchange. It was assumed that in the future, the Ghost blockchain will be combined with the Telegram messenger into the TeleGHOST application.

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