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Three Cryptocurrencies that could outperform Ethereum in 2022.


Ether, Ethereum’s native asset, is one of the best investments you can make in the blockchain business.

The downsides of Ethereum’s network are widely known, and while fixes and enhancements are in the works, they won’t be implemented until 2022 at the earliest.

In the interim, a number of Ethereum competitors have gained in popularity and continue to be among the greatest long-term investments.

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The following are three cryptocurrencies that could outperform Ether by 2022 if you’re seeking some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

Investors looking for an Ethereum substitute are paying the greatest attention to Cardano.

Source: Insidecryptotoday.com

First, examine Cardano, which has the closest market value to that of Ether and is generating a great deal of enthusiasm among investors and users alike.

Investors must hold the Cardano native token ADA in order to acquire exposure to the Cardano blockchain or even access the Cardano blockchain in any way.

Compared to Ethereum, Cardano was designed to enable faster and cheaper transactions. And while there has been a lot of progress so far, it has taken a long period, which has given other competitors the opportunity to keep pace.

Cardano also has the issue of not working with Ethereum. In order to allow the emergence of many different blockchains, many of the competing blockchains are compatible, allowing developers to deploy their apps on several networks.

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Despite this, investors should not overlook Cardano as a promising cryptocurrency. With a market capitalization of over $45 billion, it is now the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency. The market capitalization of Ether, on the other hand, is more than ten times greater at US$470 billion.

Avalanche’s native coin, AVAX, could outperform Ether significantly in 2022.

Source: Gazetecoin.com

Avalanche, which uses the native token AVAX, is another Ethereum rival that has seen its value rise significantly recently and should continue to do so beyond 2022.

After only launching in September 2020, Avalanche has already received three rounds of financing from crypto venture capital organizations. Additionally, the value of its native coin AVAX has surged, exceeding Ether and propelling Avalanche into the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies by market cap, with a current market cap of over US$28 billion.

Avalanche and Cardano are quite similar, but Avalanche is compatible with Ethereum, which is one of the reasons why AVAX has been able to rise so quickly. As a result, the network’s ecosystem has grown at a far faster rate as developers have moved their applications there.

As a result, if I had to select between Ethereum and one of its competitors, Avalanche would be it.

Fantom is one of the networks with the biggest growth potential.

Source: Coinsayfasi.com

Fantom, a great investment opportunity, rounds out our list. There is now only one cryptocurrency that ranks higher than Fantom’s native token, FTM: AVAX and ADA, both of which are currently in the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies by market value.

The market cap of Fantom is currently at US$4.3 billion, making it worth less than 1% of what Ethereum is currently worth.

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While Fantom isn’t a bargain, it’s another Ethereum-compatible layer one blockchain that promises faster and cheaper transactions, so it’s an enticing investment.

Competition from rival blockchain networks, who are also vying to overthrow Ethereum, is a serious threat to the network’s viability. Even while this isn’t guaranteed to work out, the opportunity is undeniably substantial. One of the finest initiatives to consider today is Fantom if it can differentiate itself and establish a distinct environment that will attract more people.

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