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The bitcoin rate has exceeded $63 thousand. How to buy it profitably?

The bitcoin rate

The bitcoin rate has exceeded $63 thousand. How to buy it profitably?

The price of the first cryptocurrency approached its all-time high of $64.8 thousand. Bitxmi experts explained which strategy investors should follow in order to buy Bitcoin profitably.

The bitcoin price for the first time in six months exceeded $63.2 thousand on October 19. The last time the asset traded at this level was in April, when its value renewed its historical maximum at around $64.8 thousand. Bitxmi experts explained whether Bitcoin can continue to grow and whether it is worth buying it now.

Bitcoin has come close to the target zone of $63.5-64 thousand, in the future, we should expect two scenarios, the probability of which is almost the same:

  • Powerful breakout of the target zone with a renewal of the historical high and subsequent impulse growth.
  • Rollback after Bitcoin’s attempt to update its historical maximum.

Experts advise acting in the current situation based on what is happening on the market. A powerful breakout of the $64 000 level can be used to buy with the aim of selling in the $72 000 area. However, this idea looks risky, since finding the asset price in the area of the historical high is always accompanied by a large number of false movements.

“There is a risk of triggering the stop loss, which in this transaction should be in the price range of up to $ 60 thousand,” experts say.

In the event that the bitcoin price shows a recoilless update of the historical maximum, such a transaction can bring a profit of 12.5%. In case of an unsuccessful attempt to update the maximum and subsequent decline, a good level for buying bitcoin will be $ 52-50 thousand.

Choosing a strategy

The admissibility of buying bitcoin in this situation depends only on the investor’s strategy. If the period for buying an asset is short-term, up to a month, then the risks will be extremely high and the chances of losing funds will be the same as increasing them.

The level of $62 thousand, where bitcoin is currently located, is comfortable for buying with a medium-term investment horizon of two months, experts say. The rate of the first cryptocurrency may trade significantly above current levels in December, but a high risk of local decline remains in the coming weeks.

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