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Floyd Mayweather’s Wbc Nft Is Set To Launch This Thursday, January 20th,2022.


Floyd Mayweather has jumped on the NFT hype train.

This week, Floyd Mayweather will be launching his exclusive WBC Nft on the Bitxmi Nft platform come Thursday, January 20th, 2022.

Boxing fans should be ready for the biggest NFT launch this week.

The Floyd belt Nft auction will commence from Thursday, 20th January till Sunday, 20th February, 2022. The BXMI team will hand over a physical Floyd belt to the highest bidder at the end of the auction period.

In December 2021, Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather announced that he will return to the ring in the spring of 2022. He also hinted at an exclusive NFT belt which he would launch on the BXMI NFT Marketplace in January 2022.

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The BXMI NFT marketplace is the world’s first and only blockchain-based platform for selling creatives, diamonds, and gold with no transaction fees.

BXMI takes pride in being an exclusive blockchain-based platform for the sale of creatives, diamonds, and gold. Furthermore, BXMI is the first marketplace to operate with no transaction costs. As a result, users can buy and trade NFTs without having to worry about payment fees.

In three simple steps, you can sign up and start trading NFTs on the BXMI NFT Marketplace.

See steps here: Bxmi Nft Has Now Integrated Mobile Minting. | by Bitxmi Exchange | Dec, 2021 | Medium

Cointiger Pool Adds BXMI Token

Cointiger pool recently added the BXMI token for staking with 100% APR.

Staking commenced on Thursday, 13th of January. Participants will also be rewarded with airdrop rewards totalling 975 USDT.

See full publication here: CoinTiger Pool Adds BXMI,975 USDT Airdrop Reward In Total

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