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Dan Morehead: Bitcoin to disrupt at least 50 industries

dan morehead

Dan Morehead: Founder & CEO

Pantera Capital’s Founder & CEO, Dan Morehead, in an interview asserted that Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt at least 50 industries. Some of the industries which Bitcoin can disrupt include voting rights, cross-border money movement, electronic payments, remittance, identity, and more.

According to Dan, there are currently 200 currencies in the world, and Bitcoin has the potential to become the 201st. Dan also notes that Bitcoin has the potential to become the world’s first truly global currency.

“Bitcoin is meant to be used by regular folks. Big financial industry stalwarts, specifically Wall Street crowd don’t much like it. Age divide is one of the reasons, as millennials tend to understand BTC with ease, due to their familiarity with new technologies.”

Morehead sees Bitcoins’ potential in emerging economies such as Africa where the regular banking services aren’t mature.

“One example of this is Africa, where BTC is extremely useful, while the regular banking systems are difficult and expensive. There are only 2 banks that can move money in and out of Africa, which is why the cost of remittance climbed up to 12%.”, says Morehead.

Pantera Capital was founded in 2013 by Dan Morehead as an investment fund. Currently, Pantera is one of the largest VC focussed on blockchain investments in the world. Some of their investment includes ABRA, Bakkt, Ripple, ICON, etc.

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