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BXMI Resumes Trading Tomorrow on CoinTiger.

Source: https://news.bxmi.io/

We are glad to inform that BXMI trading begins tomorrow on Cointiger. Deposits and Withdrawals will go live on Cointiger at 6am UTC. The BXMI token was recently upgraded from the ERC network to the BSC network. This means transactions with BXMI are cheaper and faster.

BXMI also has a new contract address on the BSC network:

BXMI New BSC Contract:


Note that, the old contract address based on the ERC network is no longer usable for transactions.

See also: BXMI Token upgrades from Ethereum (ERC20) to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

BXMI Trading begins on Thursday, 17th March, 2022 at 6am UTC

The BXMI cryptocurrency can be traded on Cointiger from tomorrow, the 17th of March, 2022 at 6am UTC.

BXMI Contract upgrade is completed.

All old BXMI token on CoinTiger has been migrated to the new BXMI token. Users could trade the new BXMI token with no action required. BXMI deposit, withdrawal and trade function will resume tomorrow. Please do not deposit the old ZPAE, the assets will not be recovered.

Here are the timelines:

1.Deposit opening at 6:00 am on 17 March 2022;

2.Trading opening at 10:00 am on 17 March 2022;

3.Withdrawal opening at 10:00 am on 17 March 2022.

BXMI new contract address: 0xc26eEfA5f04eA11e5182B9f63EcF69ba9Ac5bE1A

See more here: BXMI Contract upgrade is completed on CoinTiger — CoinTiger_EN (zendesk.com)

BXMI is the native token of the Bitxmi exchange. It is a utility token that entitles its producers to a share of the revenue generated by the Bitxmi exchange.

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Disclaimer: Bitxmi News is a news portal and does not provide any financial advice. Bitxmi's role is to inform the cryptocurrency and blockchain community about what's going on in this space. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Bitxmi News won't be responsible for any loss of funds.


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