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Bxmi Nft Has Now Integrated Mobile Minting


The Singapore based exchange Bitxmi has recently integrated mobile minting on its Nft platform. The exchange which allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies globally recently launched its Nft platform after its token had a 7x price surge in November.

Bitxmi is a global exchange with a native token BXMI that allows clients to buy digital assets legitimately with “fiat money” via credit and payment cards. Bitxmi is one of the most secure global digital asset exchanges, allowing crypto users all over the world to make payments.

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BXMI token has a total quantity of 210 million, out of which 70 million are in circulation. With this level of availability, BXMI users are positioned to enjoy full benefits of investing in the token.

Bitxmi NFT Platform is the world’s first and only 100 percent commission-free blockchain-based platform for the sale of diamonds, gold, and art.

The Bitxmi NFT marketplace unites sellers and buyers of gold, jewels, and art from across the globe. Our NFT marketplace lets you mint, sell, and buy gold, diamonds, and art at below-market pricing with no fees.

Visit here to get started: https://www.bxminft.com/

Source: Bitxmi Launches Nft Marketplace after its 7x BXMI price surge. | by Bitxmi Exchange | Dec, 2021 | Medium

The Bitxmi NFT platform will make it free to create and list NFTs, and work will be distributed automatically. Efforts are now being undertaken to remove the gas fees involved with minting NFTs.

With the recent rollout, now Individuals will have access to real-world NFTs by just minting on their phones.

And the steps are:

  1. Download Metamask on your ios or Android device

2. Import custom token

3. Add the contract address 0xa0f5505dC06eBE8Ee8CbdC2059eaDE0b9F35cbC2

4. Save BXMI token in Metamask

5. BXMI and ETH must be in Metamask for you to buy any Nft. But you don’t need any balance to mint or list your Nft on Bxminft.com

3. Login to your Metamask account and click on browser

4. Type www.BXMInft.com in browser and allow to login Metamask to trade

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