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How to trade on BitXmi?



  1. Go to the Bitxmi website (www.bitxmi.com). Click [Sign Up] from the menu.How to trade on Bitxmi?
  2. Choose a convenient way for you to register by email (1) or by phone number (2). Enter an invitation code (3), if you have.
  3. All new users receive bonuses from the exchange and can immediately start trading.
  4. Here is the appearance of the trading page.

1. The display area of the current trading pair in 24h Volume 

2. The display area of K-Line and Market Depth  

3. The display area of the sell order book

4. The display area of the buy order book

5. The type of order

6. The buy area   

7. The sell area

8. The display of the latest completed transaction price

9. The display of the latest completed transaction price

5. Use the buy area of the website to buy any cryptocurrency or the sell area to sell it. Fill in the price and the amount that you prefer to place the order.

  • The default price displayed in the limit price area is the last transaction price. You can choose a market order if you want to make a transaction quickly.
  • If the market price of ETH is 0.2 but you want to buy at 0.1, then you can place a limit order.
  • The percentages shown below the ETH Amount box refer to the amount of BTC you wish to use to buy ETH.

If you still have questions, please contact online support.

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Disclaimer: Bitxmi News is a news portal and does not provide any financial advice. Bitxmi's role is to inform the cryptocurrency and blockchain community about what's going on in this space. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Bitxmi News won't be responsible for any loss of funds.


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