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How to Mint NFT on the BXMI NFT Platform

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How to Mint NFT on the BXMI NFT Platform

How to mint NFT on BXMI platform? If this is your question, we have the answer. This post will help you understand everything step by step.

Go to https://www.bxminft.com/ 

Mint NFT

  1. Log in with your Metamask wallet in one click.
  2. Go to the Mint NFT section.
  3. Fill in all the items as shown in the image below and click “Mint It”.

Enter the desired amount in BXMI tokens. An automatically converted dollar amount at the current exchange rate will be displayed in the window next to it.


*All of the above points are for example

4. Adding NFT to the blockchain will take about a minute. Confirm the transaction in the pop-up window from Metamask Wallet.

Mint NFT

5. Congratulations! You successfully add your lot to BMI NFT Marketplace.

Mint NFT on the BXMI NFT Platform

Additional settings

Notice the switches at the top of the page in the “Mint NFT” section:

  • Physical
  • NFT
  • Auction

Mint NFT.

By clicking on Physical you will be prompted to upload your certificate confirming the value of your NFT.

Mint NFT

By clicking on the “Auction” tab, you can set the desired time, day, year, and beginning and end of trading for your NFT lot.


If you still have questions, please contact our support team Support@bxmi.io

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