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BXMI Token upgrades from Ethereum (ERC20) to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.


We are glad to inform that our native ERC2O token BXMI has upgraded to the BSC consensus mechanism. Now BXMI is more secure and faster.

All BXMI tokens purchased before March 4th, 2022 will need to be swapped on the Bitxmi exchange or on CoinTiger. BXMI ERC20 tokens purchased after March 4th, 2022 will automatically be null and void.

Note, please do not trade BXMI ERC20 tokens in any marketplace including UNISWAP or any other Defi platform.

Source: https://news.bxmi.io/

BXMI is the native token of the Bitxmi exchange. It is a utility token that entitles its creators to a portion of the revenue generated by the Bitxmi exchange.

BXMI token has a total quantity of 210 million, of which only 98 million are in circulation. This increases the benefits of investing early.

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The BXMI coin was launched in November 2020, and by February 21, the project had generated $3 million in pre-sales and first fundraising.
The pre-sale price was $0.10, and it quickly moved from that price to about $0.60 in the next few months.


BXMI NFT is the world’s first and only decentralized blockchain-based marketplace for the unlimited sale of Art, Games, Music, Diamonds, and Gold with no transaction fees. (Charges for network gas may apply).

BXMI is pleased to be the first blockchain-based marketplace for the selling of creative works, diamonds, and gold in the world. Hence, users can now purchase and sell NFTs without incurring transaction costs.

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You can join our community by minting and selling high-quality artwork, games, and music.

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Disclaimer: Bitxmi News is a news portal and does not provide any financial advice. Bitxmi's role is to inform the cryptocurrency and blockchain community about what's going on in this space. Please do your own due diligence before making any investment. Bitxmi News won't be responsible for any loss of funds.


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